Friday, September 08, 2006


It's been a short week but I'm glad its Friday! Today I'm showing you a picture of the workshop that will be given in October by my Manteca guild. I'm allready signed up. Its called The Gordian Knot. One of the vice presidents has allready taken the class at a local quilt shop and said it looks hard but is very easy. You only need 3 different fabrics a yard and 1/4 of each. The lady who made this quilt said it would have looked better if she had used the dark fabric as the background. It will be an interesting quilt to make and she said we will finish the top that day in class. Should be fun!

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Shelina said...

Wow that is a beautiful quilt. I love purple anyway, and I really like the fabric choices. And I really like quilts that look harder than they really are. What colors are you going to be using?