Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hot Thursday

The temp today is supose to get to 105! It's going to be over 100 for the rest of the week....or whats let of it.

I worked on my block of the month last night (sorry no picture) and now I know why T's block didn't work out. I followed the instructions but had extra fabric when I sewed the strips onto the main part of the block. So I just left it on and who ever win's the block can take it apart if they want. T's block was unfixable as I think she cut off her extra fabric and I needed it if I took the block apart. She sewed her block together in the wrong order, from right to left not left to right the way it looked on the directions. Oh and learn.....if the other blocks look like mine I don't want to win them......and now that I have said that I have cursed myself and will win. More on this subject tomorrow.

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