Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Forgot Camera

I know I wrote that I would have a post yesterday and pictures from the workshop but I forgot to bring my camera. But I remembered today so if I can upload the pictures you will see my sewing caddy. Had lots of fun at the workshop, the sewing caddy was very easy to make and I was finished by noon. We set up at 8:30 and start the workshop at 9:00. It was a small workshop.....only six of us, so we had lots of attention from the teacher.

The felt is for needles and pins. Lots of room in the two pockets for thread, floss or what ever. The pocket at the bottom holds sissors and a transfer pen, I guess the small pocket on the bottom pocket is for a thimble. The whole thing rolls up and is tied by a ribbon.

I can see me making more for presents for quilting friends.

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