Thursday, May 22, 2008

Windy Thursday

I know we all hate the wind that has been in the valley for the past few days. The dust that is in the air is just horrible. Tonight at Manteca Quilters Lynn Mann is giving us her program on borders. Can't wait to see her quilts and here about borders.

Below is the fabric I bought Saturday at Quilters Cabin before I went to the Chocolate Fest. I'm really trying to use colors that I'm not drawn to......those colors would be any color that is not RED or PINK. Red and Pink are my all time favorite colors. So for this class I picked purple. I don't know why my camera does not pick up the colors right. The color that looks yellow is really more gold to match the purple batik on the left. The fabric in the middle is a dark purple. Marie at Quilters Cabin has the best selection of batiks in this area. I love to drive over and see what's new.
Stay of the program tonight will be here tomorrow. And I will be taking lots of pictures of the workshop on Saturday....Throw Tradition A Curve.

Don't get blown away.

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