Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Need Help With A Quilting Problem

Lue-Anne was at the Tuesday night sew last night and showed us her latest quilt. Its a surprise for her husband. A John Deer quilt. See below. She just got it back from being machine quilted.

Lue-Anne wants to attach prairie points to the edge of a quilt that is already quilted. How do you go about doing it. Do you just sew on the prairie points and then the binding....will the points then hang down around the quilt? If you know the answer please leave a comment below.

A close up of Lue-Anne's quilt below.
Part of the Tuesday group can be seen below......that my sewing machine on the left.... the black 301a....Judy's sewing machine is to the right of my machine...... sewed on my mystery quilt and have got all of April's steps done.....YEA! Now to start on May's steps and get it done.

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DearGina said...

Hi Liz....hope this helps
After quilting the quilt top,stop quilting approximately 1/2 inch from the edge.

Trim the backing 1/4-inch beyond the raw edges of the quilt top and prairie points. Carefully trim ONLY the batting slightly less than the raw edge of the quilt top and prairie points.

Turn the prairie points away from the center of the quilt. Tip: Note that the seam allowance turns inward. Wrap the backing over the edge of the batting. Secure the backing to the prairie points with pins, and then hand stitch to close.