Monday, March 24, 2008

Wonderful Warm Easter

The weather was perfect for had to be way over 70 degrees. Had a good day with family and my sister made a wonderful brunch inside and then we sat outside and watched the boys find Easter eggs. See the boys below.
Flowers in my sisters back yard.
Left my sisters and went to Knights Ferry for the other side of the family Easter dinner. The river was high, this is the Stanislaus river and they were releasing water from the dams further up in the mountains.
Here is ms Ella squinting in the sun shine with her basket full of eggs.
This is where the Easter egg hunt was held.....the river is behind the tree....further back in this picture.
We sat on this deck and enjoyed the food and family. Everyone was talking about the wedding and how close it is.
I hope you all had as wonderful Easter as I had. No I didn't get any sewing done....too busy shopping on Saturday and getting stuff ready for the wedding.

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