Monday, March 31, 2008

Jill's Class On Saturday

First of all I'd like to thank the gals at Saturday's class that told me to go shopping at Dillard's in Stockton to look for a out fit for Natalie's wedding. I shopped yesterday and found the perfect out fit. I was well worth the money I paid.

Loved the workshop on Saturday.....Jill is a wonderful teacher. We had a full class and I learned so much and am more confident in my machine quilting.

Jill drew out how to quilt our designs. You really need to know which way to go so you don't go over the same spot.
Close up of the design I worked on.
Here is my beautiful pink batik that has the blue lines on it so I know where to quilt.
Eddie machine quilting on her green fabric....she's good. I need lots more practice.
Another shot of people working on their projects.
I really learned at this workshop and now need to practice....practice and more practice.

Counting down the day's till Natalie and Scott are married. Can't wait to get on that plane on Friday and fly to Las Vegas.

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