Thursday, March 27, 2008

Projects From Tuesday Sew

Tuesday night sew produced several interesting projects. Below is Carols snowman block for a quilt she working on that has a different snowman for each month of the year. I think this block is Christmas. She's hand blanket stitching around the snowman. Cool fabric.Here is a place mat project. Are they too beautiful to use? I wouldn't want anyone spilling on them.
The baby quilt below is made from a cute cowboy print.....its a take 5 quilt. Love the rope fabric used in the quilt and in the border.
Tonight is the Manteca Quilter membership meeting and on Saturday we are having a workshop....I will be improving my machine quilting skills. My favorite sewing machine is in the shop because where the foot pedal and electric cord attach to the machine has broken loose from the screws that attach it. The new part is only $25.00 but the labor to re wire and put the part in will cost at least $80.00. I hope to have my machine back next week.....if all goes well.

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