Friday, July 28, 2006

No Pictures !!!

I was at the meeting last night and was going to take a picture of the block of the month, which turned out to be 4 different sets of 12 red work and my camera batteries were out of jucie. So no pictures. But I promice I will have pictures of the workshop tomorrow.....I am charging up more batteries as I write this posting.

I did not win anything at Quilto......I would be one spot away from winning and some one else's spot would be called and they'd win. Oh well......I really don't need more fat quarters.

Tonight I have to rewire the foot pedal to my Singer 301a. I have noticed that when I use my machine the foot pedal get hot. I went into the local repair shop and asked him what the problem could be and he told me it will burn a hole in the carpet if I don't replace the pedal. So $20.00 later I bought a new pedal and now have to take the other apart and wire up the new one.
I happen to own quite a few sewing Elna, fancy machine, does lots of stiches and I really love it but don't like to take it to workshops unless I'm going to need to use the stiches.....its heavy. I have two featherweights, one pre-war and one post-war. But the machine I love the most is my Singer 301a. Weights a couple of pounds more then the featherweights, but its more powerful and you can drop the feed dogs with a screw under the bed. I have a black 301a and I just love to sew on it. Pictures on Monday......I will even take one of my 301a.

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Shelina said...

Liz, sorry you didn't win any FQs. Less stash you have to use up though. Good for you for knowing how to rewire a foot petal. I wouldn't know the first thing about it. Could only buy a new one to plug in.