Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quilt Show at Ironstone Winery

On Saturday two friends and I are going to Murphy's to Ironstone Vineyards to attend the Independence Hall Quilters, Mountain Heirloom Quilt Faire XXVIIII. Last year was the first year the quilter had their quilt show at the winery and we attended. The day was very warm as days in the California foothills in summer can be. What we love about this quilt show is the ladys of this guild go to garage sales and buy old plates and cups and stuff....then they bake goodies and arrange the goodies on the old plates and in cups and sell them. It's so cool...not only are you buying delicious goodies but you get a neat old plate too. Last year vendors (which is the first reason we go to quilt shows, to buy quilting stuff) were outside on cement that was in the sun all day and before noon it was way too hot to be out there.......I felt very sorry for those vendors. I hope they have come up with a better place to put them this year.

I'm taking my camera this year and will take lots of pictures. Since starting this blog I'm using my digital camera much more then I use too......which is a good thing. I will post the pictures on Monday so you can all enjoy this quilt show in the beautiful California foothills. The weather man is saying that the temp on Saturday will be 101 degrees.....I hope they are wrong!

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