Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's Been Hot !!!!

Yes....its been very hot here in certral California. Sunday was 115, and I attended an out side wedding at 5:30 in the afternoon. Needless to say it was the hottest wedding I've ever attended. We Californians are use to the weather being hot in July but this hot spell has been humid and we're not use to that kind of weather. It usually cools off at night but no at 11:00 p.m. the temp. would be 90. I hate to sleep with the air conditioner on. Today I walked outside and it finally felt cool....who would believe that the high 90's could feel cool.

Lots of livestock have died because of the heat. Our dairymen have lost many cows that could not take the hot weather because it did not cool off at night. Milk production has suffered also, the cows do not eat because of the heat and if they don't eat they don't produce as much milk.

Tonight is my Manteca quilt guild meeting. We are playing Quilto.....the quilters version of Bingo. Should be fun, it takes one fat quarter to buy a Quilto card. So there will be lots of fat quarters to win and the last game of the night will be black out to win what is left of the fat quarters. I will take my camera and take pictures to share and I'll try to get pictures of the block of the month. As people turn in their block the chairman of the block of the month usually pins them on the wall. Maybe I'll win...keep my fingers crossed.

On Saturday the guild is hosting a free sew or philanthropy sew. Bring your sewing machine down to the library and work on what ever you want. I'm going to work on philanthropy quilts. Our guild makes lots of quilts for children....lap sized quilts. I'm going to work on little quilts for premature babies. You talk a FQ of flannel fabric and sew it to another piece of flannel, make sure and leave an opening, turn the blanket and top stich so you sew up the opening. I've been buying flannel to make these little blankets with so now I will be able to get lots done. I again will take my camera and take pictues of all the ladies sewing.

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Shelina said...

I hope you have a good guild meeting, and win a the fat quarters from the bingo and the block of the months. Good for you for making quilts for charity. That seems like a neat idea. Look forward to the pics.