Thursday, July 20, 2006

Block of the Month For July.....Done

I finished stiching the block of the month for July. This block took more time to do because of the hand work.... then sewing one with my sewing machine. I used the back stich....just because its easy to do and I like the way it looks. I confess that I do like chickens and would be very happy to win these blocks. I think the person who does the block of the month took the images from a day of a week dish towel set.


Shelina said...

Pretty. You are doing a great job keeping up with the blocks of the month. Handwork takes so much time but it is so rewarding. Are you doing it by hand and by machine? I wasn't sure what you meant by "because of the hand work.... then sewing one with my sewing machine."
I am working on a bom, and I think I am finished with February, so I am a few blocks behind. I also joined a buck a block club at the LQS - I'm collecting the fabric but haven't even done the first one.

MsLizzF said...

I did this block by hand...that's why it took many days to do, stiching a little each day. My guild's BOM is usually a block that is sewn on your sewing machine and is stiched up in no time....if you don't wait till the day before the guild meeting which is what I usually do.