Monday, April 28, 2008

Rectangle Pizzazz Class

Saturdays class with Judy Sisneros was a fun class. I learned so much. First thing when class started she had each class member bring up the fabric they had for the class and she told us if it would work in the quilt or not. Very interesting to see all the different fabric and colors that people had picked for the class.

Judy showed off a few of the quilts she made from the book Rectangle Pizzazz....but the quilt below is not in the book and is made with batiks. Beautiful.
Judy telling us about how she changed the box colors in this quilt.
The quilt below is made from one of the patterns in Rectangle Pizzaaa.
One of the gals in the class brought a quilt she made from Judy's book Nine Patch Pizzazz. Love the blue fabric and the way she used it in this quilt.
Here is my pile of fabric all cut with some of the blocks sewen together.
The quilt is set on I sewed two of the corners partly together and then laid out my blocks to sew it together in rows.
Marie managed to get her whole top done in it is laid out on the floor....beautiful.
My quilt was about 3/4 done when I went I sewed and finished it Saturday night. Below is a close up of one of the corners.
Here is the finished quilt top......I love the way it turned out, the fabric I's a very spring...summer feeling quilt.
If you ever get a chance to take a class from Judy Sisneros please do will learn something you didn't know and have a beautiful quilt done in no time.

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Dianah said...

Liz I love your quilt! It looks like you all had fun. Happy Bithday. See you in two more weeks.