Friday, April 25, 2008

The Dinner Last Night

I was installed as a new Vice President of Manteca Quilters last night.....that's me in the pink. We all had a good time.....good food and even had show and tell before we went home.
Joan showed her beautiful quilt that I've allready posted about. Here they are holding it up.
Lu-Anne is showing her daughter's charity quilt that she sewed together. Good job Amber!
Who can learn to dye shoes. MaryAnn is showing one of the shoes that she learned how to it will match an outfit.
Marie is showing her dog tooth star....made in a Manteca Quilters workshop in January.
Edie is getting into art quilts.....I was way to far back to get a better picture.
I will take pictures at tomorrow's all have a good weekend.

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