Friday, October 06, 2006

Quilt Guild Meeting

Last Thursday I attended my September Manteca quilt guild meeting. I took a few pictures of show and tell and wanted to share these pictures with you. But I kept forgetting to bring my cord so I could download the pictures. So here they are better late then you never seeing them. The quilt with pictures was made by a lady whose husband was badly injured in Vietman, it was made to honor his service to his country. The second quilt was made by our president who has twin sons who are about 10 years old and her husband took them camping for few days and she sewed the whole time they were gone. I really love this quilt, it has bright colors that I like and she says that she has enought left over fabric to made a couple more quilts. Why do we as quilters tend to buy more fabric then we need to make one quilt?? The last quilt was made by a quilter who took a class and made a quilt of one of her favorite pictures. I love barns and really like this quilt. Enjoy these pictures of quilts.

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