Monday, October 30, 2006

Gordian Knot I Workshop

Here are the quiters all set up and busy sewing so they can get as much done on the Gordian Knot as the workshop is never long enough. Most people at this workshop got the top done and some got the boarders sewn on. The workshop was lots of fun. What quilter deesn't have fun out sewing with friends with lots of room to get your project done.

Here is the teachers sample of the Gordian Knot I. I really like the way she used her fabrics in this quilt.
This is Gordian Knot II. There are seven patterns in the book. They get harder as you go along. The teacher had only made the first two quilts in the book. I think I want to make this patter also. will be on my long list of quilts I want to make.

Here is my Gordian Knot made from the fabric's I showed in the last blog entry. I didn't get to sew on my boarders as I had to do some unsewing.....because I was not paying attention to the step by step pattern. You really have to pay attention when you are sewing this quilt. I will post a picture when the whole top is done. I really like the pop of the orange fabric and the way it shows up.

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Mary said...

Could you please tell me the name of the book that has the patterns for the Gordian Knots?
Thank you,
Mary Manns