Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Wednesday!

The week just seems to fly by. I'm taking Friday off to attend Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara.....what fun it will be over 700 quilts and wall hangings and wearable's. Over 150 venders, this is the biggest quilt show on the west coast. I try and go every year and some quilting friends and I are going on Friday because it just gets too busy on Saturday. Our guild is taking a bus on Saturday but they leave too early to go home and we like to take our time going through the venders and then the quilts, we stay till late in the afternoon and then go out to dinner to rest our feet and eat while the bay area traffic clears up. The pictures I'm showing today are from a member in the Manteca guild. This is a popular applique pattern that several quilters in our guild are doing. Jan was showing us at the last workshop because she was hoping to get it basted so she can begin hand quilting. It is so beautiful, she used fabric from her stash and has changed some of the pattern. Enjoy looking at this wonderful quilt.

I plan on taking lots of pictures at Pacific International and will share them next week.


Gerrie said...

Enjoy PIQF. Spend some money in my name! This is the first time that I will miss this in ages. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

Shelina said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of Pacific International. It's always nice to be able to go to a quilt show virtually when you can't attend yourself.