Friday, November 03, 2006

Fall In California

Fall has finally arrived here in central California we had our first rain shower starting Wednesday night. Today is cloudy and cool and it finally feels like fall. The tree's are even changing color and leaves are falling to the ground. I just hope the fog season doesn't start. Because of the big valley we live in here we get very thick ground fog and it makes it hard to drive. If the crazy people who drive way too fast weren't on the roads driving in the fog it would be much easier. It get so bad at night that I've had a hard time finding my own driveway.

The picture you see on the left is from the class last Saturday. Our teacher made this top and I love the way she put the fish in the picture.

I have you plan on voting? I vote absentee and did so two weeks all that junk mail I get on the election and all those crazy ads don't have any effect on me. Because I live out in the country and there are not enough voters for a polling place to vote we ususally end up having to vote absentee so I regestered for a permate absentee I vote absentee all the time. Remember....if you don't vote you can't complaine about the way the country is being run. Heaven knows we need a change and I really hope a change is coming.

On Sunday I plan on attending a quilt show in to follow. Have a great weekend.

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Shelina said...

I really like that quilt, and you are right the fishes really add a lot to it. I like the color and fabric selection too. Hmm, must think about adding something like that to the to-do list.

I am voting tomorrow.