Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beautiful Quilts

Last week's Oakdale membership meeting show and tell was full of wonderful quilts. Inez made this BQ pattern quilt. I really love the way it turned out.Here is a close up of the fabric and the quilting.
Pam showed off this flannel quilt she made. Love the border fabric. This will be a warm quilt.
Pam's quilt....a close up. Sharon did the quilting and its a leaf pattern.
This is Star's quilt from the jelly roll workshop. Love the dark purple.
I need to get busy and sew binding on my two finished quilts. I want to go to the Tuleburg Quilt Show in Stockton on Saturday so I'm going to have to get going on those quilts. Sunday is my first Thanksgiving dinner at my mother-in-laws. Can't turkey and gravy and stuffing. Yum!

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