Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Party Tonight

Tonight my Manteca Quilt Guild will host it's annual Christmas party. We each make or buy a home made ornament and have an exchange. I usually make a crazy quilted stocking ornament and this year I kept up the tradition. Below is a picture of my 2006 ornament. I finished it up last ngiht. The picture doesn't show the lace too well on the toe but I think it turned out rather well. I hope the person who receives my ornament likes it as much as I do . Not really too sure about the red I used in the silk really shouldn't pick out colors at night with low lights around.

Tonight should be lots of fun, food and good friends to visit with. I wish I could find the block of the month that I took to sew in October at our last membership meeting. We don't have a meeting in November because the fourth Thursday falls on Thanksgiving. Anyway I put it away......and now I can't find it.....go figure. Maybe I'll find it next month stuck somewhere and then I'll remember putting it there. I hope to take some pictures tonight.....I'll see if I can post some tomorrow.

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