Friday, February 22, 2008

Quilt Show.....One Week From Tomorrow

The Manteca Quilt Show is one week from week from today I will be off from work and working hard to set up the show. I will begin my day in the boutique.....checking in members items. Helping set up the boutique.....speaking of the boutique the four cats below were made by Pegi and will be for sale in the boutique....the yellow one is from a sweater she bought and felted and then made the cat. The are so cool.....

Last night we held our membership meeting and all my pictures are from show and tell. Judy made the quilt below.....don't you just love it.
This quilt was used in her daughter's wedding for the guest to sign.....from where I took the picture its hard to sew where they signed. They used the Chinese coins to sign and write messages.
Judy's mother passed away in December and Judy had made this quilt many years ago for her mother. Now she has it back.....what a beautiful quilt.
This quilt will be hanging in our must come and see it. Three turtles swimming in a deep blue sea.
I managed to take this close up shot of the turtle quilt.......beautiful !!
Trudy is back for the show.......she lives in a motor home with her husband and travels all over the U.S....doing lots of sewing. She will have bags to sell in the boutique.
She made this small table topper.
Here is a log cabin bow tie.....never seen a quilt quite like this before.....made for a great grand son.
Don't forget......Manteca Quilt Show.....March 1 & there or be no where.

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