Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm back.....

I've been very busy here at work so I've had no time to do anything here is a quilt post. These pictures were taken a week ago at Tuesday night sewing group. Sue brought in this beautiful fall quilt that's going to her sister back east. She used the X-block to make this quilt. Not a whole lot of contrast....but it works.

Here is a close up of the fabric and block that was used.
At the free sew Dianah brought her R Lily mystery quilt so we could give our opinion on border choices. A beautiful quilt.
A close up of the block.....sorry I didn't get a picture of the fabric she layed out for her borders.
Same mystery....different fabric and sewer......made by Liz W.
Close up of Liz's block....looks way different then Dianah's. She using the green print fabric for her stopper.
Hopefully we'll get to see the finished quilts in the quilt show in March.

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Caron said...

Love the contrast in Diannah's quilt. I'm getting a great little op-art moment as I scroll down her quilt seems to pulsate. Cool.